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Cantina SF
Photography by Cindy Loughridge and Seth Restaino

A Cantina is understood to be a bar, a salon, or a kind of saloon: really, a social gathering place. The origin of this word ‘Cantina’ begins in Italy, when it became the name for the wine caves and roadside taverns where patrons paused over fermented and distilled elixirs on their travels. Gradually Cantinas spread to Spain, Portugal, France, and North Africa. They became centers of cultural and intellectual exchange, where business, gossip, politics, art and religion were readily discussed. The commodity sold and shared was, of course, Drink; an experience since chronicled in many mediums of Art including film, photography, painting, and every manner of poetry and prose. As the Americas were colonized, Cantinas became a staple of the New World, spreading throughout the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, and lastly, the American West. Every incarnation reflected its environment and geography, as well as its roots. Here at 580 Sutter Street, San Francisco, this Cantina is an homage to history and the way Latin culture has colored life here in San Francisco. Channeling these Cantinas throughout history, we offer the same commodity of Drink; specifically handcrafted culinary cocktails, wines from Latin appellations, and locally brewed beers. The experience that we offer is one of cultural exchange, an environment where a creative quality of life is celebrated. At the forefront of the culinary cocktail movement, the talented barmen and women of Cantina shake cocktails made entirely with premium spirits, homemade bitters, syrups, infusions, classic seltzer and hand-squeezed citrus. And as many of our cocktails rely upon fresh citrus, we have planted trees in the Santa Clara Valley including Meyer lemon, grapefruit, Palestinian lime, kumquat, and Mandarin orange – fresher is always better. Look around and you’ll see art upon our walls, warm colors and a richness of Latin and San Franciscan history. Whatever road you may be traveling upon, we invite you to rest a moment and release your worries; experience a celebration of community, a sharing of Art and Drink.

We're open Monday through Saturday beginning at 5 O'Clock. Come find us at 580 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA; 415.398.0195.

For more information, please contact Christine Prentice.

Duggan McDonnell

Duggan McDonnellOriginally hailing from the paradise of Cut N’ Shoot, Texas, Duggan holds great pride in his coal mining ancestry. Hooked on booze at a tender age from gypsy travels through the pubs and clubs of Western Europe, he laughs in the face of intolerance: Alcohol intolerance, that is. Ever a traveler, he’s visited breweries, wineries and distilleries on 5 continents. (Now, that’s a write-off!) The world of beverage is a damned fine pleasure, he insists; one he’s certain his coal-mining kinfolk would be proud to join. An improviser of cocktails and a Savant of Latin Spirits, he’s had his work featured a few mediums of media, including the New York Times, VOGUE, Chow.com, Barmano.com, the Wall Street Journal, Wine Enthusiast, Food & Wine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. In addition to slinging suds and haranguing his guests, Duggan enjoys scribbling fiction and non; writingboozy travelogues, short stories, et al, and along the way he garnered an M.F.A. in Writing from the University of San Francisco. On a serious note, he’s also quite proud of his co-founding the Barbary Coast Conservancy of the American Cocktail and the first offering from Fool’s Gold Terroir: Campo de Encanto Pisco. He eagerly anticipates your thirst-filled arrival……

Aaron Prentice

Aaron PrenticeAaron Prentice began his illustrious bar career at Wild Ginger, Seattle’s “most popular” restaurant. After cutting his teeth as a barback, he quickly moved up to bartender, under the watchful eye of top Seattle bartenders Paul Brown and Nathan Reynolds. While shaking away at “The Ging” he met his partners in love and booze, Christine Larsen and Duggan McDonnell.

Aaron later left the bar business for a few years, but continued his love affair with booze. While on vacation in San Francisco, with his soon-to-be-wife Christine, they hooked up with Duggan McDonnell again…
A few more years and bottles of Tequila later, we have Cantina.

In his free time, Aaron enjoys sailing the windy waters of the San Francisco bay, terrorizing the streets of San Francisco on his motorcycle, and studying to finish getting his pilots license.

Christine Prentice

Christine PrenticeChristine Prentice got into the business of booze via theatre. While working at Teatro Zinzanni Seattle, she discovered an intense interest in quality wine and spirits.

She received the level one sommelier pin from the Court of Masters, but jumped ship to finish the International Sommelier Guild’s Diploma program. Christine is currently finishing up the Wine and Spirits Education Trust’s Diploma program, on a quest for the ever-illusive Master of Wine.

Christine met Aaron Prentice and Duggan McDonnell while working at the Wild Ginger in Seattle, Washington. At the moment, she travels extensively, working as Director of Liquids for the Heavy Restaurant Group, which includes the Purple Café and Wine Bar’s three locations and restaurant Barrio in Seattle.

Christine loves going to the theatre, running with her dog Roman, and doing anything and everything with her husband.

580 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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